About Tara

My work is driven by how I feel not necessarily what I see. Sometimes those two ideal match up wonderfully and I created something that looks at feels like what we all know. Other times that’s not the case at all. That’s where I think I thrive. I feel I’m on this constant journey of discovering, strength and femininity in my work and at this time botany seems to represent that perfectly for me.
— Tara Enyia

Tara Enyia (b.1992) is a multi-disciplined British artist working in large scale acrylic paintings, photography and illustration from her south London studio. After graduating from University of the Arts London in 2016 and a freelance career as a Fashion Illustrator, Tara transitioned into botanical painting in 2018.

Her work looks to the exploration of colour, texture, depth and tone to convey figurative intent. Focusing on expressive, impressionistic responses, layered application or stripped back design to produce a contemporary take on traditional forms.